• Complete an application and submit to SRP's Program Administrator to verify eligibility. You will be notified in about 7 business days of receipt of the completed application regarding your eligibility status.
  • Once you are approved to participate, a Trade Ally will contact you to schedule an appointment for a no-cost site energy assessment.
  • You can expect a call within 3 business days to schedule a no-cost assessment of your facility.
  • During the assessment, the Alliance participant will identify opportunities for installation of program measures that result in energy savings, up to and including:
    • Building envelope improvements for attic insulation and shade screens
    • Identifying and reviewing potential HVAC system improvements that fit your needs, address maintenance needs or result in energy demand and cost savings, and are eligible for rebates
    • Interior in-unit as well a common area and exterior lighting opportunities
    • In-unit water saving opportunities 
    • Pool pump VFDs
    • Electric Vehicle charging stations
  • After the assessment, the Trade Ally will review the energy assessment findings and recommended improvements with you as well as leave a copy of the report in addition to program marketing materials.
  • Depending on the suggested upgrades and the measures you select to have installed, they will offer pricings on qualifying measures consistent with the rebate amounts.
  • Once you select the qualifying measures, the Trade Ally will complete the installations.
  • Eligible rebates will be instantly discounted from the project cost and you will be responsible for the remaining balance.
Program Type
Multifamily Solutions Program