Thank you for your interest in SRP's rebate programs.


Home Assessment

The Home Energy Assessment Program assists SRP residential customers in increasing the energy efficiency in their home. The program provides customers with a walk-through assessment performed by an Energy Ambassador, direct install measures and financial incentives to replace older appliances and participate in SRP’s existing residential programs.


The SRP Multifamily Program has been designed specifically for multifamily communities, engaging residents as well as the property management firms that maintain the properties and serve the residents. The program is designed to offer both in-unit (residential) and common area (commercial) energy efficiency measures in tandem to achieve a deeper level of energy savings throughout the multifamily property.

The program provides no-cost assessments to help qualifying customers identify cost-effective energy savings opportunities. This program is designed such that some measures will be provided at no material cost to the owner on qualifying properties, while other measures and properties have a prescriptive or custom rebate. Rebates are paid directly to program-approved contractors (Trade Allies) who pass the savings on to the customer in the form of reduced pricing on installed measures or directly to the property management company at the discretion of the management company. Total rebates on a project cannot exceed 100% of the total project cost. Additionally, the Multifamily Program is available only in retrofit applications.


New Homes

The primary objective of the SRP ENERGY STAR® Homes Program is to increase the energy efficiency of new residential single-family housing being constructed in the SRP service territory. The secondary objective is to increase consumer awareness of the program by driving sales to participating builders. Builders and developers benefit through receiving financial incentives that offset the cost of HERS Rater services and through recognition as builders of high performance, energy-efficient homes.

Program requirements include:  

  • Builder must be an EPA ENERGY STAR for Homes Partner.
  • Homes must be designed, built and tested in accordance with the "Performance Path" option of the EPA's ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes, Version 3 or higher guidelines.
  • There is a minimum requirement of 10 homes in a single community to participate in the SRP ENERGY STAR Homes program.
  • Efficient plumbing specifications and ENERGY STAR Certified thermostats required on all homes.


EV Charging

The SRP Business EV Charging Program promotes the purchase of qualifying charging equipment to power electric vehicles. Your customers, tenants and employees will welcome the convenience to charge for properties involving work, multifamily, fleets or destination centers to encourage customers to stay longer, attract progressive tenants, promote work life balance for employees or count this initiative towards your sustainability goals. The program provides a $1500 per port rebate for level 2 network chargers.


Thinking of switching to electrically fueled equipment at work? The SRP Business Solutions Electrification Program promotes the purchase of qualifying equipment to convert fossil fuel powered equipment to electric to reduce carbon emissions and make for healthier and safer work environments. Rebates for electric forklifts, electric truck refrigeration, and electrified truck parking spots are available, with additional custom rebates available for site specific equipment like industrial process heating or mid or large heavy-duty fleet conversions.