Thank you for your interest in becoming a Trade Ally for one of SRP’s rebate programs.

As a Trade Ally, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Grow and diversify your business offerings
  • Co-market with SRP
  • Be listed on SRP’s Trade Ally List to drive more customers to your business
  • Offer your customers rebates from SRP

Below are the steps that you or your business must take to become a Trade Ally. If you currently participate in a SRP rebate program and would like participate in another program, you may not need to complete all the following steps. In this case, please contact your account manager to determine how to extend your participation.

Meet with your account manager


Meet in person or over the phone to discuss your business and how to apply. If you don’t have an account manager, please fill out the Contact Us Form and an account manager will contact you.


Review Program Requirements and Complete Application


Complete the program application, provide required documents and complete compliance screenings.


Complete program training


After your compliance requirements have been met you will work with your account manager to complete your program training. These trainings can be completed in person or online.


Become an official SRP Trade Ally or Electrification Qualified Service Provider 


Congratulations! After you complete Steps 1-3, your business will be listed on SRP's EV Charging Trade Ally List or Electrification Qualified Service Provider (eQSP) list depending on the program you are participating in.